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Why not use our FREE Dentist Startup Service?



As a foundation/newly qualified dentist, you might not quite be ready to do a tax return but what do you need to do in the meantime?  Our FREE Startup Service is just for you.

  • FREE service for newly self-employed or foundation dentists

  • Help with how to register with HMRC, or we will do it for you for FREE

  • Advice on expenses and bookkeeping

  • Reminder when your first tax return is to be prepared

Looking to go self-employed soon? Or recently become a self-employed dentist? 
​If you are due to become an associate dentist soon and need to become self-employed, we will register you with HMRC for FREE and give you all the help and advice you need.  From what paperwork you need to keep, to what expenses you can claim for.  We will even drop you an email reminder when the time comes for you to prepare your tax return. 


All of this is FREE. Just Apply Now and choose the Startup Service.

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